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About La Grange Du Kempt and Our Process

We live in a time where our furniture is part of our day to day lives, gone are the days when we had the plastic wrapped couches and those guests visit only living rooms. Furniture has become embedded into every aspect of our lives, to the first coffee table your kids colored on, to the stain where you left your coffee mug while helping your kids get ready for their first day of school.We understand that, but we also understand that being Eco-friendly is important as well. So we try as much as possible to use Eco-friendly products when restoring our furniture, using shellac, waxes and water base top coat finishes that will give the added protection but also keeping the natural glow and beauty of the aged wood.

Quebec Furniture

We pride ourselves when enhancing the original beauty of each piece while still maintaining the original splendor of the furniture’s era.Most of our pieces have historical roots and are hand chosen for their unique style and room enhancing potential, allowing us to provide our clients with beautifully crafted timeless pieces.


We have been able to date some of our furniture to the late 1800’s, in a time when furniture was crafted with unique craftsmanship and exceptional carpentry, as each piece distinctively created in a time before the assembly lines became prominent in our culture. These solid wood designs were built to last the test of time and will continue to do so for many years to come.


Why buy furniture from a big box store when you have the opportunity to purchase century old beautifully restored conversational pieces from a local vendor, with years of knowledge and affordable prices.